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National Mentoring Month Posted On 17 January 2022


Why we need it and how you can get Involved


National Mentoring Month is a month to recognise and pay respect to mentors who help students and mentees across a multitude of disciplines. This month, focus on how we can all work together to increase the number of mentors to make sure young people in our communities have dependable people to look up to and follow in their footsteps. NMM celebrates mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives. 


Its goals are to:

  • Raise awareness of mentoring in its various forms.
  • Recruit individuals to mentor, especially in programs that have waiting lists of young people.
  • Promote the rapid growth of mentoring by recruiting organisations to engage their constituents in mentoring.


Mentoring also includes a wealth of benefits for both the mentor and the mentee. These include:

  • Improving confidence
  • Develops communication skills
  • Exposures participants to new experiences
  • Improves goal-setting
  • Improves listening skills
  • Develops organisational skills
  • Many organisations offer mentoring programs to help young members to develop skills. Businesses also use mentoring programs to help employees build their skills and experiences and to maintain a strong workforce.


How to Observe #NationalMentoringMonth


1. Post on social using #MentoringMonth and #MentoringAmplifies 

2. Upload a #ThankYourMentor post to social media on January 27th 

3. Get Educated – Listen to a podcast, read a book about mentoring, explore a new resource

4. Engage with the field – Attend a virtual or in-person event hosted by a local mentoring organization

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