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Get Ready to Move and take advantage of the Stamp Duty Holiday Posted On 17 July 2020

It’s been just over a week since Rishi Sunak announced the Stamp Duty Holiday and wily buyers are already looking to take advantage.


With the news that there will be no Stamp Duty on purchases up to £500k, Zoopla has released a list exclusively to the Mail Online of the 10 most viewed properties since the announcement. Not surprisingly, all ten were between the £300k and £500k price bracket where the biggest savings are to be had.


The Stamp Duty Holiday seems to be having the desired effect, with sellers now motivated to bring their properties to the market to take advantage. And with a surge in first-time buyers, most properties should achieve asking price and beyond!


So how do you start the home moving process? The first thing you will need is a valuation. A local independent estate agent will be your first port of call, as they know the local area and the local market better than anyone else.


Once you have had your valuation, you can talk to your estate agent about the options moving forward. Do you have your eye on somewhere or are you just starting to look? Either way, you will want your property on the market to put yourself in the best possible position.


If you start looking without your property on the market, some sellers will be less interested in you as a buyer, as they are unsure of your ability to move. If, however, you are already on the market and you know your finances, they may be very keen to talk to you, and you won’t have lost any time getting your property up and running, especially with agents busy with valuations…


Once you are on the market, getting viewings, and with your finances in place, so you know what you can afford, you are ready to find your perfect property and be in a position ready to make an offer.


Zoopla has said the strongest rise in demand was for properties between £300k and £500k as these are the ones with the largest saving – up to £15k. The demand for these properties rose 52% on the four-week average beforehand.


If you have been thinking about taking the next step, then maybe now is the time to start moving.


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